Centralia, PA & Rt 61
May 24, 2010

I first heard of Centralia from an offroading couple about 4 months ago. I decided to check it out for myself. I walked the entire abandoned portion of Rt 61 starting from the southern end. The rips in the pavement are about halfway up the road and after the first straight away. When I first walked over one of the cracks in the pavement I could feel the heat coming up and it surprised me for it was still some distance from the large split, plus I was wearing shorts. To my surprise that was plants growing in the crack as well as several ant colonies. There was a large amount of graffiti stretching the entire length of the road. Those dated were from 2008-current. I had looked at pictures of the road from 10 yrs ago which show no signs of graffiti. The town of Centralia is overgrown with tall grass where the houses once stood and a person could easily pass through without even knowing houses were once there. The roads look like old service roads and not to former homes. I did not come across the Veterans memorial, the famous bench, nor the old landfill. It was getting dark by the time I started to wonder through the town as I spent most of my time admiring Rt 61.,_Pennsylvania

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