1970 Olds Cutlass S


"Here are the specs of the engine I am building."

I completely rebuilt the front suspension of my car with polyurethane. My car also recieved new HD springs all around thanks to Springs N Things. I also performed a complete disc brake conversion on the cutlass with a kit from CR Customs. This kit included brand new reproduction spindles.

October 04:

I have purchased a 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 parts car. This car was purchased from my friend Scott of Hartford. The car had a 455 E-head 2bbl. I have stripped the engine and have assessed the damage. It will need a complete rebuild. The rebuild was going to happen whether it needed it or not, but now I know that it has to be bored and the crank turned. I am basing my engine after the one Car Craft built for the Big Block Showdown in 2000. The car also came with a TH400. last, I got a new carpet for my car.

November 04:

I have purchased an intake for my car at the Stafford Springs swap meet. It is an Edelbrock O4B. Which means I can not run HEI. I have also purchased a rebuild kit for my TH400. On Nov. 12, something amazing happened. I registered my cutlass and drove it to Warwick, RI for it's maiden voyage.

December 04:

I have decided to go with a 4 speed in my cutlass. The search is on for reasonabley priced parts.

January 05:

I have found a tranny for my car. I ran into an Olds parts dealer at the Big E swap meet in Springfield, Ma. He wanted $750 for; a used super T-10, Hurst shifter, aluminum bellhousing, pedals, z-bar, fork, drive shaft, and other misc. parts.

February 05:

I have purchased the tranny. The tranny is beautiful and was definitely worth the money. I have also purchased the rebuild kit for my engine. It uses l2323F+.030 pistons. The kit was $499.95 from Summit Racing. The price went up right after I bought the kit. The cam I am using is the same cam from the Car Craft Olds which is Comp Cams Extreme Energy XE274H hydraulic flat-tappet cam. I have rebuilt my carb. It is a 60's era Holley 800cfm double pumper. I have tested my carb on, Tom of moparts', '71 Challenger conv. 440ci. All I have to say is, OH HELL YA. I..I..mean, it was fine.

March 05:

Money is tight as I am saving up for my cylinder heads. I have not yet had my short block machined. The Edelbrock heads will run me about $1550. I went to Atlantic City, New Jersey to a car show/auction. I took some pictures of the cars at the show, which are on the main page. The prices of the cars at the auction made you think you were watching Barret-Jackson. There was a 1971 340 Barracuda 4spd, that did not sell at $54,000!! It was not a 6-pak or a Cuda.        EEESH!!!

April 05:

I ordered my Edelbrock Cyl. Heads, head bolts, shifter bushings from Summit Racing. I also got a free Edelbrock Jacket for the purchase of the heads, (a $10 item) whoah!! I charged it through my debit card, and my bank decided it didn't like where I lived. So for a week I kept calling Summit and my bank. Then suddenly they were like, "Oh I guess you do live there, sorry!!" It was annoying. Then I went to the Stafford Swap Meet in Stafford Springs, Ct. I told my self I wasn't going to buy anything. I came home with a Brand New Offenhauser Low Rise Dual Quad Intake. Oh ya, and a pair of anti-hop bars. I sent my block to the machine shop. I entrusted Larry's Machine Shop of Stonington, Ct to do the job.

Check out my car at cardomain

May 05:

I got my engine block back from the machine shop. The block was baked, shot peened, bored, power honed, and final washed. Price will not be disclosed, that is for Larry's Machine Shop to discuss.

I also picked up a quart of the paint I will use on my car, to paint the block. A quart of the paint cost me $95. The DTM primer ran me $74 for a quart. I went to Englishtown to see the Mopar Atlantic Nationals and hung out with my friend Tom of I shall be racing at the MusclePalooza II at Lebanon Valley Drag Way in West Lebanon, NY. I shall be running my Cutlass in its original untouched 2bbl slow form.

May 29:

I have succefully proved that a stock 2bbl car is slow. Running a blistering 16.695 @ 80.43mph!! This trip was just to get a base line for my car before any work is done to the drivetrain. I performed two time trials and then headed back home. (mostly due to a bad headache from the noise, excessive heat, and lack of food as in no breakfast.

June 05:

I had my engine painted yesterday. It is now the color the body will be, down to the Gold and Blue Pearl. I coated the oil valley with rust-o-leum after I picked up my block this morning.

Jan 06:

On Display momentarily

August 06:

I have pulled my Cutlass out from its resting spot behind the garage. I am putting it back on the road for the winter.

Then in the spring I am replacing the 350ci with the 455ci. The 455 is going in front of the stock tranny and rear end for '07, while I accumulate the rest of the drive train. In order to install the 455 in front of the Turbo 350, I need; 455 motor mounts, 455 frame mounts, new torq conv., aluminum radiator (no chances), and to convert the car to manual brakes and get rid of the a/c (this is to clear the 5" valve covers.).

I have already received my manual brake conversion for GM A-body from MP Brakes part# MC1702K (mast. cyl.) and part# AD2732 (adapt. plate). On the Master Power website, it lists this part # for "Full Size Cars", but the pedal pushrod is "cut to fit" and does fit Chevelle, Cutlass / 442, Skylark / GS, etc.. .

I also picked up a repro. 4 speed hump for my car. On Sept. 1st, I buying 4 new 215/70R15 tires (temps.) and mounting them on aftermarket chrome ralley style rims.

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January 07:

I added Valve Covers to the display

March 07:

The Cutlass is back on the road!! Happy. After driving the car for the first time in almost two years I realized that the rear suspension bushings are shot. So instead of just buying new bushings and dealing with trying to press them in, I bought the new control arms I was going to buy in the future. I did a combination of Edelbrock and Hotchkis parts. I used Edelbrock upper arms. Because in A-bodies if you have Poly bushings in the frame, the suspension binds during corners. The Edelbrock arms have spherical ends that rotate which elimates the bind. I liked the design of the Hotchkis arm brace more than the Edelbrock. The shocks are bad too. A set of KYB's will fix that problem.

April 07:

Yesterday I installed the new Edelbrock and Hotchkis rear suspension components. I didn't take any pictures yet. I couldn't remove the upper bushings on the rear end and since there were also the only ones that still looked in good shape I left them for now. I'll wait until the Dana comes along to deal with that. I took the car for a nice drive and it handles alot better but mostly do to the fact that it has new bushings. All need now are new shocks and swaybars and the entire suspension front and rear will be new and fresh.

Nov 07:

I disassemble me Cutlass a couple of weeks ago. The body is off the frame. I sold the 455 and will be sending the 350 out to scrap. I haven't taken pictures of the car in a while, been in Florida for the Orlando World Street Nationals at the end of October. The Cutlass will not be GM powered, hahaha. Once the frame is coated and the body remounted on the poly bushings, it is going into storage until after the Challenger is finished.


Dec 07

I wire brushed the frame, coated it, and remounted the body on the new poly bushings.


mocking up my old cast iron Hemi, and detailed the mockup


Back on all four wheels



April 09:

For the last month I have been designing and build a budget motor to get my Cutlass on the road to prevent myself from forgetting about it.  I eventually have plans for a Hemi, but a wedge will suffice for this temp goal.  I took my stock 383 Mopar and did a stock rebuild.  Turns out this "9.5:1" motor is actually 8.0:1 with stock heads and 7.55:1 with the open chamber heads I have.  Perfect for Turbos......

Turbos arrived. Pair of .50 trim T4OE turbos and 38mm 16psi wastegates. Plus all flanges needed.

Dug my car out of its second hibernation since I've owned it lol.



May 09:

Today I test fitted the turbos.  The turbo maifolds are not finished yet. I still have to mount the wastegates.  I did a very basic design for the manifolds not caring for their appearance. I just made the charge tubes tonight and have duct tape holding them in place for now.  I still have to attached the blowoff valve.  I also modified the mechanical fuel pump to be boost referenced. (I hope it works lol) Within the next few weeks I will make the exhaust and mounts for the blowoff and wastegates.


Jan 10:

I finally got my motor fired up and broke in the cam.  I found a coolant leak and fixed it and also found out that I have to redo the turbo oil drain backs.  I am glad that the boost referenced mechanical fuel pump I modified and the $20 swapmeet MSD box actually work.

March 10:

Last week I installed my tach drive distributor and Moroso mechanical tach. I hollowed out the speedometer case and pressed the tach into it. Now my tach bolts into the car. My alternator is now wired and I am getting my car prepared for the drag strip. Sunday I took my car out for another test and with a tach, I didn't have to short shift. I ran it through all three gears and when the wastegates opened, wow it got loud. Despite being a single legger, my car left two patches in all three gears. It still has the stock 2.56 gears. The power these cheap little turbos produce is amazing. My Cutlass has never had such power before. I can't wait, I haven't brought my cutlass to the drag strip since the Muscle Palooza II on May 29, 2005. Muscle Palooza XI here I come!


Check back later for more updates. Thanks.

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